Thursday, March 13, 2008

Science Project

Ok guys, I have to do a rap song on mitosis, (the division of cells in all living things) and I really need your feedback. ok here it goes, first up is interphase, it starts makin copies of everything like mad, even those things that are kinda bad. And its growin, and growin and there aint nothin I can do to make it stop. I'm gonna teach ya about prophase with this really,really simple phrase. It all begins with the chromatid, witch are in the nucleus,witch are in all of us. They condense into chromosomes connected to the centromere, by the way, you best be listening ear. next is the metaphase, chromosome rush to the center in a craze, centromere attatch to spindle fibers, witch look alot like a web from a spider.Next up is anaphase,its startin to stretch, and the chromatid seperate, man, they must of been going at least 98! now i'm going to talk about telophase,the rods stretch and lose their appearance, just like a sweater thats been put on clearance. a new nuclear envelope forms, putting the nucleus in a new dorm. Last but not least it's cytokenysis, man, that sounds like something i'd write about in a thesis! The job is done and now a new cell cycle has begun!Well what do you think? Please leave your feedback!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's up everybody?

Since my dad has a blog (Crafty Dad) I decided to make one as well.

Some crafts that I enjoy doing are backstitching, crocheting, and making up rap songs.
I also like to read and my favorite place in the world is Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I hope you enjoy reading my blog.